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We offer over 350 different flower varieties in our standard flower range, with a number of NEW varieties for the 2023 season including:

Antirrhinum Cherry Twist

Stunning bicolour blooms in the latest colour combination. Perfect for borders, bedding and containers. Usually grown as an annual.

Candytuft Pink

Simply sprinkle the seed on any prepared soil in their flowering position, for charming cottage garden style displays of low growing flowers.

Celosia Sharon

Medium tall with an upright habit. The feathery flowers provide a lovely contrast in mixed borders and make excellent cut flowers, fresh or dried.

Cimicifuga racemosa

Tall and attractive clump forming perennials, crowded with slender flowering stems. Perfect for areas of moist soil in partial shade.

Gomphrena Atomic Purple (EXCLUSIVE)

Also known as Globe Amaranths, these eye-catching annuals are great for containers, beds, borders and fresh or dried cut flower displays.

Linum Salmon

Also known as Flax, repeat sowings easily provide summer-long displays of these charming blooms. Also makes lovely cut flower posies.

Marigold (African) Buttercream F1

Large double flowers in a subtle and sophisticated shade of pale yellow, on sturdy, compact plants. Perfect for bedding and container displays.

Ratibida (Mexican Hat)

Easy-going blooms from the American West, also known as Prairie Coneflowers. Rewarding first year flowering perennials, ideal for dry sunny borders.

Salvia verticillata

Favoured by garden designers for their vividly coloured and unusual flowers which provide beautiful, contrasting forms in mixed borders.

Sanvitalia procumbens

Low, spreading plants flower freely, producing a mat of bright blooms to spill from baskets and containers. Also known as ‘Creeping Zinnia’.

Verbena Scentsation Red (EXCLUSIVE)

Free flowering, sweetly scented blooms turn from red to pink, with a striking white eye. Perfect for bedding displays, containers and hanging baskets.


The organic flower range from Johnsons includes 14 varieties, all grown by dedicated farmers using strictly organic methods. Along with the organic vegetable range, the collection is a great introduction for gardeners interested in organic home gardening.

New for the 2023 season:

Organic Coreopsis tinctoria

Bright and breezy blooms on long slender stems, ideal for cut flowers, a wildlife garden and as an easy to grow filler for gaps in mixed borders.

Organic Lavender multifida Oregano

An unusual form of this versatile evergreen. The downy fern-like foliage has a delicious fragrance similar to oregano. Great for patio containers.

Organic Tagetes lucida

Deliciously fragrant, anise scented plants with a mass of bright, long-lasting flowers. Perfect for borders or the herb garden.


Packets feature icons including the RHS Plants for Pollinators logo and each standard packet has the FREE colour plant label to help identify each plant, which gardeners love, now on the back of the packet.


Johnsons also offers a beautiful flower seed range in collaboration with Sarah Raven, for incremental sales - Sarah Raven's Cut Flowers and Wildlife Attracting collections.

Sarah Raven Flowers

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