Johnsons Seeds

Display Stands

Single Sided Stand
Measures 80cm wide with 88 hooks that will display any seed packet within our collection. Gives you the flexibility of arranging the packets in any position on the stand, including the Johnsons Peas & Beans packets which have been designed to fit two standard hooks.

Double Sided Stand
Utilises the single sided stand frame. Two wire racks and an additional foot are provided giving you a 176 hook stand.

Hotspot Stands – for own selection ranges
The full height of a standard Johnsons stand for high impact and siting alongside other related products in store or on its own.

Two Sided Rotary Stand
The two sided version has 90 hooks providing a compact display for our smaller collections. A mobile stand which is easy to place in smaller spaces.

Four Sided Rotary Stand
This four sided stand measures only 84cm across and has 180 hooks for displaying any packet size. A convenient way of displaying seeds in unallocated
areas of a store.

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