Johnsons Seeds

Sarah Raven Flowers

Johnsons offers two flower seed collections in collaboration with Sarah Raven - flowers for cutting and flowers for attracting wildlife.

With large packets and featuring beautiful photography, the eye catching design has a premium feel, creating a modern and attractive display. 

Two new varieties have been added to the cut flower collection for the 2021 season:

Cynoglossum Mystery Rose (RRP £2.85 for 300 seeds) is  an extra tall, super-sized forget-me-not, as great for cutting as it is for attracting a wealth of pollinators to the garden.

Orlaya grandiflora (RRP 2.85 for 25 seeds) is a long-standing favourite of Sarah’s and has beautifully lacy, mini handkerchiefs on delicate umbellifer flower heads.

Both collections feature 47 varieties selected by Sarah from flowers she has grown herself in her gardens at Perch Hill Farm and highlight the key trends of flowers for cutting and flowers for wildlife.