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Vegetable Seed Range

Our standard vegetable collection includes over 350 vegetable and herb varieties.

Each standard packet has the FREE colour plant label to help identify each plant, which gardeners love, now on the back of the packet.

Our packets feature relevant icons including the RHS Award of Garden Merit logo.


NEW for the 2023 season:


Coriander Filtro

Bred for reliable leaf production and a tolerance to high-density planting. Plants are slow to run to seed, ensuring exceptionally high yields.

Aubergine Patio Baby F1

Attractive, compact plants with numerous glossy, egg-size fruits. Delicious picked fresh for barbeques or authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Brussels Sprout Brechin F1

Plants show good resistance to leaf-spot, ensuring buttons hold well on the plant until required and give high yields of top quality, tasty sprouts.

Cabbage (Red) Kalibos

Large, pointed heads, densely packed with succulent, sweet tasting leaves. Ideal for colourful late summer and autumn harvests.

Cabbage Marquis F1

Attractive, great tasting heads which hold well in the ground and keep exceptionally well once cut. Can also be used for ‘greens’ when young.

Celeriac Neon F1

High yielding variety with large smooth roots which remain white when cooked. The dense flesh does not form cavities and stores exceptionally well.

Courgette Dynasty F1

Extremely productive bush variety with resistance to mildew and mosaic virus. Slow to form seed,for a longer picking period.

Kale Red Russian

An ideal variety to grow as ‘cut and come again’ crops in raised beds or patio containers. Alternatively allow to mature for maximum yields.

Onion (Spring) Snow Queen F1

Fast growing salad onions with hybrid quality, for reliable crops of slender, great tasting stems.With a useful tolerance to cold weather.

Pepper (Hot) Jalapeno

One of the best tasting varieties, with thick, fleshy walls and few seeds. Perfect for a wide range of dishes, surplus fruit can be frozen whole.

Pepper (Hot) Jazz

Medium hot chillies in a range of bright colours, on compact bushy plants. Perfect for attractive container displays on a sunny patio.

Spinach Amador F1

An excellent fast-growing variety with tasty, dark glossy leaves. Shows good resistance to bolting and mildew, for extra reliable crops.

Tomato St Pierre

Popular in rural France, this traditional heirloom variety is packed with flavour. Suitable for outdoor crops. Indeterminate type, requires support.

Dwarf French Bean Atlanta

Fast growing, the compact and bushy plants benefit from the warmer conditions of a late sowing and will mature quickly to provide high yields of stringless flat pods. A favourite for its outstanding flavour and texture. These versatile pods also freeze well.


All the most popular vegetable categories are available as organic in the Johnsons range and all have been approved by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd.

As well as being available within the main ranges, retailers can also order the organic collection as a stand-alone hot spot display, to allow them to be added as a separate themed feature.

For incremental herb sales, Johnsons also offers the Jekka's Herbs collection - a single stand of 47 well known, as well as some more unusual herb varieties, for culinary use. Click on the button below for more information.

Jekka's Herbs

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