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Grow baby leaves all year round on a windowsill. Quick, easy and nutritious.

What are Microgreens? Microgreens are best described as the baby leaves of vegetables and herbs such as beetroot, rocket and basil which are normally harvested when they are more mature. They have increased in popularity recently as an easy way to add a fresh and punchy taste to meals.

Johnsons Microgreens can be grown all year round on a windowsill growing tray and some varieties will be ready in as little as two weeks. The high quality, re-usable growing trays include three packets of Microgreens seeds to get your customers started. The trays are merchandised in a display box, each containing 12 trays.

In addition, Johnsons have introduced a mini range of Microgreens seeds, merchandised on a stand for customers to buy separately. The range contains eight popular varieties, all chosen for their fresh and intense flavours and each packet contains enough seed to fill a full tray.

Also available as an excellent impulse line are Microgreens Micro Snips, the easy way to ‘snip’ baby salad leaves and herbs with ease. The compact size and spring action handles make them easier to use than scissors and the high quality carbon steel blades ensure a long lasting sharp cutting edge.

The Microgreens Kitchen Seed Sprouter is a convenient and economical way to produce fresh and tasty sprouts and microgreens all year round, from your windowsill.


NEW for the 2022 season, eight new varieties have been added to the Microgreens seed range:

Basil Lemon - Incredible basil flavour with a fresh lemon twist. Ready in 16-21 days

Basil Red - Rich colour and flavour, delicious in Mediterranean dishes. Ready in 16-21 days

Chervil - Tangy and bright anise flavour, for soups and salads. Ready in 16-28 days

Chicory - Mild, non-bitter leaves, great for salads and sandwiches. Ready in 10-16 days

Mizuna Red - Mildly spicy, a favourite for noodles and soup. Ready in 21-28 days

Mustard Oriental - Great looking, full-flavoured spicy leaves. Ready in 21-28 days

Pak Choi - Tender leaves, add interest to salads and stir-fries. Ready in 16-21 days

Spinach Komatsuna - Oriental leaves with a tangy spinach flavour. Ready in 21-28 days




Microgreens Growing Tray
Microgreens Kitchen Seed Sprouter