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New Varieties For The 2011 Season


New and Exclusive Varieties for the 2011 Season

Among the 15 exclusive new varieties launched by Johnsons for the 2011 season are six distinctly different blends of easy-to-sow mixed annuals - all named after popular song titles which are girls' names.  Billie Jean gives a long lasting display of sophisticated, cool tones, Carrie Ann is a soft, gentle mix of cottage garden types and Maggie May  is a vibrant blend of hot colours.  Barbara Ann, Mary Lou and Peggy Sue complete the line-up of musical favourites.  All are featured in Johnsons Quick Fix Easy Borders sub-range and will give impressively quick results from a direct sowing in spring.

Quick Fix - Billie Jean Pkt

 Also new for 2011 is the Little Gardeners range of seeds aimed at encouraging youngsters to take an interest in growing plants.  Attractively packaged, all are linked to an activity such as a tallest sunflower competition and making lanterns from pumpkins.

L.G. Spooky Faces


 Johnsons Modern Veg collection comprises 21 recently bred varieties, all selected by the company for their resistance to common pests and diseases.  The plants' natural health and vigour reduces the need to use chemicals and will appeal to those who wish to garden as ‘greenly' as possible.  Two exclusives in the Modern Veg range are Chives Biggy, which has large, fleshy, rust-resistant leaves, and Lettuce Feska, the deep red, densely frilly heads of which show resistance to aphids and downy mildew.

mod veg.  carrot pkt

 The Speedy Salads sub-range proved so popular with gardeners when it was introduced last year that it has been increased to include single varieties as well as mixtures.  These include Kale Fizz, which is ready for picking just 21 days from sowing, and Lettuce Osterley, a delicious, baby-leaf cos type.

Speedy - Rocket Kennedy

 Also new for 2011 are Johnsons Pre-Sown Seed Tapes of five varieties of popular vegetables.  Ideal for those new to vegetable growing, the tapes ensure sowing is quick and easy, while the evenly spaced seeds within the tape reduce the need for thinning seedlings as they develop.  To find out more about Johnsons 2011 offer or to request a visit from the company's representative, please telephone 01638 554 111.

tapes - beetroot pkt  

Date: May 2010