Johnsons Seeds


Three exciting new games - Scare the Crows, Weed the Pots and Create Your Own Little Gardener - have now been added to Johnsons Little Gardeners website, which is aimed at youngsters who enjoy growing plants.  The new interactive games are sure to get children challenging their friends and family, says Johnsons brand manager Helen Clayton.

Log on at for plenty of gardening-related fun and facts. The games are features of the Fun Zone, where youngsters can also colour in with their friends and take part in a What's That? quiz to test their gardening knowledge.  The Little Gardeners' Academy helps explain the science of seeds and also looks at garden wildlife and the importance it plays in our gardens.  Youngsters can ‘Meet the Gang', try out some Yummy Recipes and find out more about the full Little Gardeners product range. 

The Little Gardeners range of products includes Shake and Rake Flower Mixes, Seed Starter Pots and Complete Grow Kits.  Ideal for children from three to 11 years old, they are perfect and inexpensive Christmas gifts for budding gardeners from encouraging parents and grandparents.