Johnsons Seeds


Now's the perfect time to start planning out your herb garden for 2018 and for something a little different, why not create a Jekka McVicar vertical herb garden.

It's an easy and innovative way of adding height and interest to your plot and by encouraging your plants to grow up and not out, it is ideal for smaller spaces, in urban gardens or homes and flats with little or no gardens. 

While vertical gardening creates a big impact in small spaces, it isn't difficult to do. You could use stacked crates, trellis, planting boxes or even a wooden pallet to create your wall of herb plants.
The plants are simple to look after as they are more accessible which also makes it even easier to grab a handful of herbs to transform your dishes. A vertical garden is also a great way of adding colour all year round. Jekka McVicar's herb range from Johnsons includes a number of colourful as well as unusual herb varieties such as Red Orach and Basil Cinnamon which will make your vertical herb garden a real design feature. 

Did you know the leaves and flowers of many herbs can also be used as teas? Jekka is a big fan of using varieties such as Anise Hyssop, Bergamot Wild, Chamomile, Lemon Grass and Lemon Balm for just that. She says "having herbs available to create your own tea is a real treat. By adding just a couple of teaspoons of freshly picked herbs to a cup of boiled water you can make a hot drink to revive and refresh, without reaching for a tea bag."