Johnsons Seeds


Aptly named Poppy Amazing Grey, it has dainty blooms in extraordinary shades, with all the nostalgic charm of traditional field poppies. Easy to grow, this beautiful variety has an RRP of £2.40 for 500 seeds. Geum Red Dragon (RRP £2.40 for 50 seeds) is another stunning addition to the Johnsons flower collection. A cottage garden favourite, which is also great for cutting and mixed patio containers, with incredibly vibrant double flowers providing a bright contrast.

Other new varieties in the range include pretty Cosmos Double Dutch Rose, which has big and blousy, double blooms over attractive, soft foliage. The large plants produce long flowering displays perfect for mixed summer borders. Each packet has an RRP £2.40 for 50 seeds. Dianthus chinensis Chianti (RRP £2.40 for 200 seeds) is free flowering with uniquely coloured, large double blooms. This variety is possibly the most eye-catching of all China Pinks, for beds, borders and containers.

Rounding off the new flower offering in the standard range is Salvia Blue Victoria. Loved by beneficial insects, it has neatly rounded plants with intensely coloured and long-lasting flower spikes. A great choice for striking bedding displays and mixed containers. RRP £1.90 for 250 seeds.

Making the most of home-gardeners continued interest in growing wild flowers, Johnsons have increased their own range to now include Corncockle (RRP £1.90 for 100 seeds), Teasel (RRP £2.40 for 150 seeds), Yarrow (RRP £1.90 for 250 seeds) and Yellow Rattle (RRP £2.85 for 150 seeds). All are native British varieties (now highlighted on pack) and help attract beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

And as more gardeners want to add a modern, designed look to garden displays, new perennial grass varieties have also been added to the 2021 collection. Grass Carex comans Bronze (RRP £1.90 for 40 seeds) is a versatile specimen grass, forming dense tussocks of bronze-brown, hair-like leaves. Grass Festuca glauca has fine blue-green leaves topped by upright flowering heads which turn a beautifully contrasting straw-gold as they mature - RRP £1.90 for 100 seeds. Grass Stipa tenuissima (RRP £1.90 for 100 seeds) is one of the most graceful small to medium-sized grasses. Also known as ‘Pony Tails’ for its fine, hair-like appearance. These varieties all provide colour and texture as well as being perfect for pots and containers.

Organic growing continues to be an ever-popular trend and more recently gardeners have also been looking to grow flowers from organic seed. In response to this, Johnsons have added 15 new organic flower seeds to the range. Produced without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, these beautiful flowers are a great introduction for gardeners interested in organic home-gardening. Many varieties will also help attract bees and other pollinators to the garden.

Varieties in the new organic flower collection include Calendula Touch of Red, Cleome Pink Spider Flower, Lavatera Pink Mallow and Rudbeckia Chocolate Orange. The range has RRPs from £1.90 to £2.85.

Leading the new vegetable selections, Sweet Corn Picasso (RRP £2.85 for 35 seeds) produces delicious cobs, with gold and white kernels and pink tassels, on highly ornamental striking purple stemmed plants. Also new to the range is Carrot Ox-Heart (RRP £1.90 for 350 seeds) - a tasty French heirloom with big and chunky roots. Loved for its flavour and its ability to store for ages it is great for roasting.

Adding to their wide range of tomatoes, Johnsons have added two new varieties for 2021. First is Tomato Honeycomb F1 - a colourful cherry tomato with exceptional sweetness. A Sungold type, with improved resistance to splitting, it is for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Tomato Rugby F1 is a full flavoured, pink tinted variety for indoor and outdoor crops, perfect for home-gardeners. Both new tomatoes have an RRP of £3.10 for 10 seeds.

Soya Bean Fiskeby V, RRP £2.20 for 50 seeds, is highly productive and reliable for a cooler climate. One of Asia’s most important food crops, soya beans are used in a wide range of dishes. Johnsons new Climbing French Bean Speckled Cranberry RRP £2.85 for 50 seeds, is an attractive triple-purpose bean. Young pods can be eaten whole or left to mature and the succulent shelled beans used fresh. They can also be left to mature and dry out for storage.

The herbs range now includes Mint Applemint (RRP £2.20 for 500 seeds) - a vigorous garden mint with delicious fruity notes. Highly productive and delicious in drinks, jellies and sauces as well as chopped for salads.

The Johnsons Sarah Raven collection has two new beautiful cut flower additions. The first is Cynoglossum Mystery Rose, an extra tall, super-sized forget-me-not, as great for cutting as it is for attracting a wealth of pollinators to the garden. RRP £2.85 for 300 seeds. Orlaya grandiflora (RRP £2.85 for 25 seeds), is a long-standing favourite of Sarah’s and has beautifully lacy, mini handkerchiefs on delicate umbellifer flower heads.Johnsons have also redesigned their popular Microgreens seed range for the 2021 season. With new look packets and point of sale, the collection of eight varieties and two high quality kits provide all year round greens for any gardener, from their windowsill.

Little Gardeners - the Johnsons’ range for children - has introduced the new Caterpillar Greenhouse (RRP £11.00) for an easy and fun way to start plants off on a windowsill. Including everything needed to grow basil, peppers and tomatoes, little ones can learn how to sow seeds and look after them, following simple steps. Each kit contains a re-usable caterpillar propagator tray and lid, seeds, compost pellets, wooden plant labels and an easy to follow instruction leaflet with growing tips and a yummy pizza recipe.