Johnsons Seeds

World Botanics

Captivating flowers from around the world to grow in any garden.

A premium quality flower seed collection, with truly different bold, bright and beautiful varieties. An easy to shop, single stand adding extra interest for keen gardeners, with 65 varieties offering more consumer choice.

The collection has simple and eye catching POS with a clear message and features premium, bold packaging. Sold as a stand-alone collection or as a double stand range with Johnsons world kitchen, for the complete flower and vegetable offering for the keen gardener.

Plant Heritage

Johnsons world botanics continues its association with Plant Heritage - the world's leading garden plant conservation charity.

Plant Heritage brings together the talents of botanists, horticulturalists and conservationists and the dedication of keen amateur and professional gardeners. Their mission is to encourage the conservation of cultivated plants in the British Isles, supporting and publishing research into these plants, their origins, their historical and cultural importance and their environments, and helping to educate the public in the importance of cultivated plant conservation. 

Featured on the world botanics packets and POS, Plant Heritage is an interesting and relevant charity for gardeners with a passion for growing, protecting and sharing plants.