Johnsons Seeds


The Sarah Raven seed ranges ‘Brilliant for Bees and Butterflies' and ‘Cut Flowers and Gorgeous Gardens' launched by Johnsons this autumn (2012) have proved a great success with retailers - and early indications are that the varieties are also proving popular with their gardening customers.  Johnsons reports more than 600 retail outlets, including some of the top garden centres throughout the UK, have already booked more than 1,000 metres of Sarah Raven product.

Stockists report business has been brisk with encouraging sell-out early in the season.  Johnsons' Helen Clayton says "We have received top-up orders of more than 30 per cent of the initial sell-in for some varieties, and our expectations for spring sales remain high".  Sarah's ‘Brilliant for Bees and Butterflies' and ‘Cut Flowers and Gorgeous Gardens' selections both feature 47 varieties which she has chosen, and many of which she grows in her renowned garden at Perch Hill.  The two ranges of large format seed packets are displayed on attractive stands in a distinctive livery. 

                     Delphinium Dreaming Spires F2                   Dahlia Bishops Children

Helen reports that sales of the ‘Brilliant for Bees and Butterflies' range are particularly strong, suggesting that many gardeners share Sarah's great interest in growing flowers to attract beautiful and beneficial insects into the garden at a time when they have never been under greater threat.