Johnsons Seeds

Moden Veg Range - The Pinnacle of Plant Breeding.

Johnsons has introduced a new range of 21 varieties under the Modern Veg banner, all of which are recommended for their resistance to common diseases or pests and for their excellent yield and flavour. Their innate resistances mean they are ideal for those who prefer to garden organically or without chemical preparations. Among the introductions is British-bred Parsnip Pinnacle F1, which has been selected for its excellent resistance to canker. Pinnacle has plenty of hybrid vigour and is ideal for either early or maincrop harvest. The long, smooth roots also store well. A packet of 2000 seeds costs £2.05.

Two ‘exclusives in the range are Lettuce Feska (£2.05 for 200 seeds) and Chives Biggy (£1.69 for 500 seeds). Feska is a top quality Lollo Rossa-type with dense, frilly heads of succulent, tasty leaves. It shows good resistance to lettuce aphid and to downy mildew - and has the added advantage of being decorative enough for flower borders or patio pots. Chives Biggy has large, broad, fleshy leaves, as its name suggests. The high yielding plants have a strong, upright habit and good resistance to rust.

Lovers of Mediterranean food will enjoy growing Sweet Pepper Jolly Rosso F1 (£2.25 for 10 seeds) , Basil Aroma 2 F1 (£1.69 for 40 seeds) and flat-leaved Parsley Laura (£1.69 for 500 seeds). The big, succulent, crunchy, red fruits of Jolly Rosso F1 are borne on plants which have resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, tobacco mosaic virus and other common diseases. 

Basil Aroma 2 F1 tolerates fusarium, which is a benefit when grown in pots indoors - and it can be grown indoors all year round - while Parsley Laura tolerates downy mildew and again can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has the strong, distinctive flavour loved by chefs around the world.

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