Johnsons Seeds


Following the successful launch of its range of Microgreens - baby leaves for all-year-round windowsill cropping - last year,  Johnsons Seeds now makes harvesting even easier with the introduction of its Micro Snips for the 2016 retail season.  Microgreens are very much in favour with celebrity chefs, and are featured regularly on television cookery programmes.
Presented in an attractive counter-top display, the specially designed mini-cutters are perfect for siting beside the range of eight seed varieties and their growing trays for value-added sales.  Micro Snips have a recommended retail price of £3.99.  The compact size and spring-action handles make them easier to use than scissors, while the carbon steel blades ensure a long-lasting cutting edge.
Microgreens are almost 'instant' vegetables, and it is easy for anyone, including children, to produce their own delicious 'mini-crops' in as little as two weeks on a windowsill.  The tiny plants have the essence of the mature plants without the more extensive care and maintenance required to grow them.
Best described as ultra-baby leaf vegetables, these seedlings add a fresh and punchy flavour 'bombshell' to just about any savoury dish from sandwiches to steaks, stir-fries to soups, or used simply as an attractive and tasty garnish.