Johnsons Seeds


A new, delightfully fragrant lupin which was entered for this year's Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year award is being launched exclusively by seedsman Johnsons for the 2014 season.  Called Snow Pixie, its breeder spent a great deal of time 'fixing' the colour so that it complemented its attractive pale green, feathery foliage perfectly.   

During its development, he realised that not only was Snow Pixie a worthwhile new variety, but also that it had a delightful fragrance, which was particularly noticeable when it was planted en masse.  Lupin Snow Pixie grows to 35cm (14in) and a packet of 30 seeds costs £2.40.

Also included in Johnsons' 11 exclusive introductions for 2014 are Love in a Mist (Nigella) Delft Blue (£1.80 for 200 seeds) and Sunflower Copper Queen F1 (£2.40 for 25 seeds).  The former is a most attractive blue and white bicolour, so called because of its similarity to the popular Dutch pottery, while the latter has rich golden petals surrounding a large, dark brown centre.  The high quality heads are rich in nectar for bees, but pollen-free so ideal for cutting as they will not harm furnishings.

Among six exclusively launched vegetables for the forthcoming season are Courgette Royal Flush F1 (£2.40 for 10 seeds) and Pepper Lemon (£2.20 for 15 seeds).  Royal Flush F1 was bred specially for gardeners who have very small plots, as it will produce its large crop of 'baby' courgettes even in a patio container.  The small, dark green-skinned fruits  are of the highest quality and have a good flavour. 

Chilli Pepper Lemon hails from Peru and has a unique and distinctive citrus twist to its pungency.  The fruits ripen from green to yellow and are produced in abundance.  It too is suitable for growing in pots on a sunny patio, where it will make an attractive feature.