Johnsons Seeds


To support Fleuroselect's Year of the Pepper in 2018, Johnsons Seeds has introduced a new and exclusive hot pepper variety to its retail collection this season.

Pepper (Hot) Biquino Red (RRP £2.29 for 10 seeds) is a small fruiting Brazilian variety selected for its sweet, fruity and mild flavour, prolific cropping and ornamental beauty. Each plant produces masses of small teardrop-shaped fruits, locally known as ‘little beaks' because of their tapering shape. The versatile peppers can be used whole and are often pickled, used as a garnish, or to give a little spice and a lot of aroma to salads, pizzas, pasta, meats... or any dish that needs pepping up. Ideal for the greenhouse and pretty enough for windowsills, this appealing pepper will also perform well in containers on a sunny, sheltered patio, with enough presence to compete with summer flower displays.

Once ripe the small fruit freeze well for long term storage and can be used directly from frozen, as and when required. Alternatively, whole plants can be lifted at the end of the season and hung upside down for the chillies to dry.

Sow indoors from February to April and harvest fruit from July to October.

Johnsons offers a wide range of hot and sweet peppers, to suit all palettes and each hot pepper packet has a handy ‘heat' scale on the front ranging from a mild and versatile 1 to an adventurous, scorching 5.