Johnsons Seeds


Youngsters with an interest in growing from seed are sure to be intrigued by My First Mini Greenhouse from the Johnsons Little Gardeners range. Combining fun with learning, it comes in component parts made of durable punched plastic sheeting. When assembled it can be used as a novel table-top or windowsill propagator. Seed compost, full instructions and suggested activities are included.

My First Mini Greenhouse has a RRP of £11.99.

LG Mini Greenhouse

Christmas is a time for board games and children will enjoy the two My First Growing Games from Little Gardeners, which combine learning about growing from seed with a garden-themed board game. They can compete with their friends to grow the tallest sunflower or their own pizza topping, and while waiting for nature to takes its course they can compete at a game of Worms and Trellis or Jumping Frogs.

My First Growing Game has a RRP of £5.49.

LG Growing Game