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Add a touch of Royalty to the garden with a limited edition Royal Wedding Poppy

Oriental Poppy Royal Wedding has large delicate, semi-double blooms, each with a deep purple, almost black, centre. It grows to around 30in (75cm) and flowers from mid May onwards the year after sowing and then annually, developing into a strong, free flowering specimen. Royal Wedding is an excellent choice for perennial and mixed borders, thriving in either full sun or partial shade. It does well in most soil types.

The company’s Leila Russell says, “This hardy perennial plant is an elegant and lasting souvenir of the wedding of the decade. The crisp white satin blooms will add a touch of regal elegance to all gardens for many years to come.”

Johnsons Poppy Royal Wedding is presented in an eye-catching counter-top display unit, ideal for encouraging impulse purchases. To order telephone 01638 544111

royal wedding pkt