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129 Cucumbers from just ONE plant.

Sometimes it is just possible to have too much of a good thing!  Green-fingered Anne Byass produced so many cucumbers from just one plant of Johnsons variety Socrates F1 last year (2011) that she did not know what to do with them all. As she remarked, “There is only a certain amount of cucumbers my neighbours and I can eat”.

Her single plant produced a total of 129 mini cucumbers from early June until 29th November. Johnsons seed packet conservatively states the cropping period to be July to October. Mrs Byass of West Molesey, Surrey, bought the packet of five seeds of Cucumber Socrates F1 for £3.49 from a local garden centre. She sowed three seeds, all of which germinated, and gave two plants away to friends, leaving herself with just one. Mrs Byass keeps a record of everything she harvests from her garden and her previous record with Socrates F1 was 40 fruits, so her 2011 crop of 129 beat this more than threefold. Cucumber Socrates F1 is a bitter-free, ‘all-female’ variety.

The company’s Leila Russell reports it has been Johnsons best-selling cucumber from website sales for the last two seasons, while sales this season are 7% higher than at this time last year, with cucumber sales generally up 16%


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Johnsons is the only seed company to present its customers with a free plant label on the front of its seed packets.



Date: March 2012